The following is a list of the courses we have available.

Transmission Maintenance Training

  • Earthed line to unit standards
  • Live Line Hot Stick and Barehand techniques to unit standards
  • Emergency tower restoration
  • Safety refreshers & audits

Distribution Training

  • Live Line Hot Stick to unit standards
  • Live Line Glove & Barrier to unit standards
  • Safety refreshers & audits


  • Live line tools and equipment
  • Training manuals
  • Staff competencies
  • Live line procedures
  • Ongoing assessment of line workers after training has been completed

Consultancy Services

  • Investigation of live work incidents/accidents
  • Procedural and technical development
  • Interpretation of all Codes of Practice and Standards
  • Live line tooling requirements
  • Line work projects


  • Database management of staff competencies
  • Manual development and design
  • Procedure development & design
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